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Flight Nanny Available

Have your puppy flown to your nearest airport in the cabin with a chaperone.

Local Pickup Available

We warmly invite you to come and pick up your adorable puppy in Hope, Arkansas.

Ground Transport Available

We can transport the puppy of your choice to you via car or van.

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We are a reputable and dedicated dog kennel specializing in breeding a wide range of beloved canine companions. With a focus on Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, Poodles, cockapoos, Maltipoos, Maltese, Aussie doodles, Yorkies, and Yorkipoos, we take pride in delivering healthy and happy puppies to loving homes.

Want a puppy for your loved ones?

Our commitment to breeding excellence extends beyond physical attributes. We strive to produce dogs with stable temperaments, friendly personalities, and good socialization skills. This ensures that our puppies are not only wonderful companions but also have the potential to become well-rounded members of your family.

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What our customers say

"We recently had the pleasure of bringing home our beloved Goldendoodle puppy. As soon as we laid eyes on our furry bundle of joy, we knew that Bain Kennels had gone above and beyond to ensure a stress-free and seamless experience for both the puppy and us. The Flight Nanny service was an absolute game-changer. Living in a different state, we were initially concerned about the logistics of bringing our new family member home. However, Bain Kennels and the flight nanny service took care of everything, ensuring that our Goldendoodle arrived safely and comfortably.”

— Allissa


At Bain Kennels, we understand the importance of clear communication and providing timely assistance to our valued customers.

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